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[Kyoto] Salt Ramen with Kyoto Duck and Rausu Kelp

2-12.Kobushi Ramen

Recommended by Kansai Ramen Derby!!

Special ramen from Gorgeous City Kyoto and Hokkaido

The soup is made with plenty of rare and valuable Kyoto duck and carefully selected Rausu kelp, and is a collection of umami!
Combined with thin noodles sent directly from a long-established Kyoto noodle factory, we also topped it with Kujo green onions sent directly from contracted farmers in Kyoto!
A bowl of Kobushi ramen that shines brightly in the ancient capital of Kyoto!Please give it a try.

Genre Noodle type Soup type
salt broth thin noodles light
Shop Information
Kobushi Ramen

1-16 Suzaku Seikaicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Pref.