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[Hokkaido] Seared Pork Miso Ramen

2-7.Sapporo Misono

Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

Founded 130 years ago, rich Sapporo ramen using the northernmost miso

Authentic Sapporo ramen with the northernmost miso that has been in business for 130 years.
The fragrant miso soup made with the searing technique goes perfectly with the medium-thick curly noodles delivered directly from Hokkaido.
A mouth-watering, exquisite bowl of pork belly seasoned with special sauce and black pepper.

Genre Noodle type Soup type
miso mid-thick noodles slightly rich
Shop Information
Miso specialty Sapporo Misono Teine main store

Maeda 6-jo 10-2-1, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido