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Ramen Shop Information

Act 1

October 26th (Thursday) - October 31st (Tuesday)
Time 10:30-20:30 (only on October 31st 10:30-18:00)

Rich Sea Urchin Soba
Recommended by Tsukuba Ramen Festa/Premium Food Select!!


A luxurious soup with a large amount of sea urchin blended into the rich chicken broth!

Takayama Ramen
~ topped with Grilled Hida Beef Sukiyaki Chashu ~
Recommended by Nagoya Ramen Festival!!

Mame Tengu

The culmination of 80 years of Hida Takayama Chinese noodles! Luxuriously topped with Japan's best brand beef [Hida beef]!

Kagoshima Pork Bone Soy Sauce Ramen
Recommended by Kagoshima Ramen King Tournament!!

Gou Tora

A miraculous collaboration between Kagoshima's famous shop Menya Gou and TAKETORA! We offer the best ramen!

Naniwa's Golden Chicken Broth!
Recommended by Ramen Expo!!

Nakamura Shouten

A rich chicken soup provided by Nakamura Shoten, a member of the Kinsei Group that represents local Osaka.

(Kuchikumano) Wagyu Beef Salt Ramen
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

New Wakayama Ramen Development PJT Yatauguisu vol.2

This time, we also use plenty of ingredients from Kishu Wakayama, creating a classic yet innovative salt ramen!

Sapporo Aromatic-seared Pork, Potato White Broth Miso Ramen
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

in EZO

From the northern land, a new sensation of Sapporo miso ramen with hearty grilled pork and potato-filled soup!

ULTRA Special Rich Tonkotsu Ramen
Cominng from U.S.A.!!


Michelin California Guide 2023 MENYA ULTRA's most popular rich pork bone ramen.

Kyoto Ramen
Recommended by Kansai Ramen Derby!!

Honke Daiichi Asahi

A long-established Kyoto shop with long lines forming from 6 am. Orthodox soy sauce ramen made with Kyoto ingredients.

Stamina Much Beef Ramen
Recommended by Ramen EXPO!!

Osaka Stamina Miso Ramen WADA

The art of combining meat, miso, and vegetables!

Niigata Rich Miso Ramen
Recommended by Niigata Ramen Cooperative Association

The Originator of Niigata Rich Miso Toyoko

Established 39 years ago, we serve a rich Niigata bowl of ramen made with extra-thick homemade Koshihikari rice noodles and luxuriously Echigo miso.

Rich Hakata Tonkotsu Seared Pork Ramen
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!


This is Hakata's rich pork bone broth with reduced odor! ! Using the crisp, thin noodles!

Rich Chicken Salt Ramen with Homebred Chicken and Setouchi Sardine
Recommended by Okayama Ramen Expo!!

Mendokoro Guriko

A bowl that is carefully layered with the powerful dashi stock from homebred chicken raised in mineral-rich underground natural water and the fragrant aroma of the Seto Inland Sea.

Using Yamagata Cherry Chicken!
Golden Chicken Chinese Ramen
Recommended by Our Ramen Kingdom's ''Special Shops'' BEST30

Shinsyunya Honten

A bowl where you can enjoy a whole chicken that shines golden! The noodles are thick, curly, and much-hydrated noodles unique to Yamagata Pref.!

[Gifu] 10/26~10/29
Rich shrimp miso ramen
~ Tokyo Ramen Festa 2023 limited chashu ~
Recommended by Ramen Grand Prix 2023-2024

Menya Hakushin

Ramen Grand Prix 2023 Product that won first place in the category that "makes you want white rice".

[Fukuoka] 10/30~10/31
“Rich and creamy” Replenishing Soup!
The Originator of Tonkotsu Kurume Ramen!
Recommended by Ramen Grand Prix 2023-2024

Ramen Kurume Honda Shouten

The birthplace of tonkotsu; pork bone broth ramen! A well-known shop in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture!
Nostalgic yet new “The originator of tonkotsu! Authentic! The classic Kurume ramen!”

Act 2

November 1st (Wednesday) - November 5th (Sunday)
Time 10:30-20:30 (only on November 5th 10:30-18:00)

Super Rich Blue Crab Tonkotsu
Recommended by Premium Food Select!!


Super rich ramen that extracts the flavor of crab and pork bones to the utmost!

Premium Inaniwa Chinese Soba
Recommended by Akita Ramen Festa!!

Inaniwa Chinese Soba Association

10th anniversary! Inaniwa Chinese noodles continue to evolve. Enjoy the best throat-smooth noodle with Hinai chicken soup!

Special Green Onion Sauce!
Beef Tongue Salt Chinese Noodles 2023
Recommended by Sendai Ramen Festa!!

Sendai quroku

The soft and juicy secret special beef tongue is definitely worth a try!

Kitakata Ramen
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

Kitakata Ramen Ajian Shokudo

A taste of hospitality that lets you feel the history and tradition of authentic Kitakata.

Rich Tonkotsu Ramen, Replenishing Since The Founding
Recommended by Miyazaki Ramen Council!!

Miyazaki Ramen MOMIJI

We are particular about the materials. Please try Miyazaki's rich tonkotsu ramen!

Seared Pork Miso Ramen
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

Sapporo Misono

Founded 130 years ago, rich Sapporo ramen using the northernmost miso.

Espuma Tonkotsu Ramen with Lobster from Brittany
Cominng from France!!

Kodawari Ramen

Europe's first Michelin featured shop from Paris! ! Homemade noodles made from French wheat are here! !

Tokyo Back Fat Chinese Soba
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

Naberabo Produced by Watanabe

Drown in a bunch of backfat! Much greasy devilish bowl that is too addictive!

Shinshu Chicken Broth Ramen
Recommended by Shinetsu Ramen War Record!!

Shinshu Chicken Broth Ramen Kimuzukashiya

Shinshu's treasure! The originator of rich chicken broth.

Rich Miso “Flame / Roast” Meat-overlayed Noodle
~ Kanazawa 100 Years Miso 2023 version ~
Recommended by Hokuriku Ramen Expo

Kanazawa Rich Chinese Soba Shinsen

A richly fragrant roasted pork belly and exquisite miso soup! The ultimate bowl that continues to pursue tradition and evolution!

Salt Ramen with Kyoto Duck and Rausu Kelp
Recommended by Kansai Ramen Derby!!

Kobushi Ramen

Special ramen from Gorgeous City Kyoto and Hokkaido.

Ise Lobster Chicken Broth Ramen
Recommended by Nagoya Ramen Festival!!

Shishimaru × Sugure

Be sure to try the rich chicken bone broth made with luxurious Ise lobster, a high-quality Tokai ingredient! !

Original! Tonkotsu! "Rich" & "Call-back Soup" Kurume Ramen!
Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

Ramen Kurume Honda Shouten

From the sacred place where tonkotsu originated! Nostalgic yet new “The originator of tonkotsu! Authentic! The classic Kurume ramen”.

[Yamagata] 11/2~11/3
Shrimp Spicy Chicken Broth Ramen
~ World excitement ~
Recommended by Ramen Grand Prix 2023-2024!!

Shinsyunya Honten

Ramen Grand Prix 2023-2024 "A category that makes you want to entwine" The winner.

[Kagoshima] 11/3~11/5
Chicken Broth Ramen Colors Red
Recommended by Ramen Grand Prix 2023-2024!!


Ramen Grand Prix winner! An addictive bowl of rich chicken broth and spicy minced meat! !

*The ramen photo is a sample image. It will be served in a common bowl on the day. Some contents may change.

How about some dessert after ramen? A local popular shaved ice shop is opening!

雪うさぎ Exquisite! Fluffy Pure Ice Shaved Ice Shop [Booth No.1 (Common to Acts 1 and 2)]

For a limited time, you can enjoy Setagaya's beloved shaved ice at Komazawa Olympic Park.
Please enjoy our special Tokyo-style shaved ice, made from pure ice that has been cooled to -7℃ and shaved into fluffy pieces using the Yuki Usagi style technique, topped with plenty of homemade syrup made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Period: October 26th (Thursday) - November 5th (Sunday) (Acts 1 and 2)

Shop Information
Yuki Usagi

3-18-2 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo  TEL.03-3410-7007