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[Ibaraki] Rich Sea Urchin Soba


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Tsukuba Ramen Festa/Premium Food Select!!

A luxurious soup with a large amount of sea urchin blended into the rich chicken broth!

The noodles are made from domestic wheat. You can enjoy the elegant and smooth taste and the rich flavor of wheat. The highlight of this gorgeous ramen is the kiln-grilled pork shoulder loin char-siu, which is baked in a kiln at the venue (4 times a day). Please enjoy the event-limited ramen, which is made with special attention to soup, noodles, and chashu.

Genre Noodle type Soup type
sea urchin x chicken broth thin noodles slightly thick
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Tsukemen Ramen Katsuryu

1-10-27, Tsukuho, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref.