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Cominng from U.S.A.!!

Michelin California Guide 2023 Menya Urutora's most popular rich pork bone ramen.

MENYA ULTRA, a noodle shop with 4 locations in San Diego, California that is sure to attract long lines, is participating in the Tokyo Ramen Festa for the first time! The soup is made with pork bones as a base, a little bit of chicken bones, and then boiled all at once at a high temperature to create a mild, rich, creamy soup. Our homemade noodles are made with a unique blend of Hokkaido-produced wheat, Haruyo Koi, and are springy noodles with a distinct wheat aroma. The homemade pork belly chashu is also so soft that it melts in your mouth.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the rich pork bone ramen from MENYA ULTRA on the West Coast of the United States.

Genre Noodle type Soup type
pork bone soy sauce broth thin noodles slightly rich
Shop Information

8199 Clairemort Mesa Blvd M,SanDiego,CA 9211US