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[Osaka] Naniwa's Golden Chicken Broth!

1-5.Nakamura Shouten

Recommended by Ramen Expo!!

A rich chicken soup provided by Nakamura Shoten, a member of the Kinsei Group that represents local Osaka.

''Kinsei Group'' has been loved by local customers since its establishment in 2001 in Takatsuki, Osaka, which is now a hotly contested ramen area.
This time, we will be opening a shop for the first time under our second brand, Nakamura Shoten. This is a double soup made by combining a rich chicken broth with plenty of flavor and a seafood soup unique to Osaka, which has a dashi culture.
The topping is a hearty amount of melty seared braised pork. Please enjoy our chicken broth ramen, which is made with particular preferences on chicken and seafood.

Genre Noodle type Soup type
chicken bone broth thin noodles slightly rich
Shop Information
中村商店 高槻本店

大阪府高槻市上田辺町4-14  ☎072-668-1304