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[Tokyo] (Kuchikumano) Wagyu Beef Salt Ramen

1-6.New Wakayama Ramen Development PJT Yatauguisu vol.2

Recommended by Tokyo Ramen Festa!!

This time, we also use plenty of ingredients from Kishu Wakayama, creating a classic yet innovative salt ramen!

Kumano beef, raised on 100% plant-based feed and the beautiful water of Wakayama, Kishu, is characterized by its fine and soft texture. The high-quality fat melts into the soup, further accelerating the flavor. For the salt sauce, we use "black salt'', a sun-dried salt made from the seawater of the Nanki-Kumano Sea, which is rich in the Kuroshio Current. This slightly sweet black salt is mixed with more than 20 ingredients using Yatagarasu's unique cocktail recipe. The noodles are specially ordered by Kanno Seimenjo noodle factory. It goes well with the crisp noodles, Kumano beef, and soup. [no other combination of this soup and noodle will exist, right?] has been completed. The best collaboration ramen that you can only taste here. Don't miss this opportunity!

Genre Noodle type Soup type
salt broth thin noodles nomal
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